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History - Restaurant Pizzeria Galilei

At the end of the 15th century in an area still covered with the remains of ancient Roman and medieval buildings, Cardinal Michele Bonelli, who was born in Alexandria, built a new neighborhood called "Alessandrino". In this neighborhood a few centuries later, Mrs. Giulia Gasperini, known as the Sora Giulia (“Sora” is the traditional Roman word for Mrs), used to feed both Romans and many religious tourist that came from all over the world to visit the Eternal City.


When between 1924 and 1932 a massive work of demolition of the whole district was carried out to open the new "Empire Way", which was to symbolically link the Colosseum to Piazza Venezia, the old Restaurant of Sora Giulia was forced to close down and it was relocated.


The Restaurant was reopened in a new building located right at the centre of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano and the Colosseum. Since then, although there has passed much water under the bridges of Rome, the spirit of Roman tradition in the Restaurant Galilei has remained the same.


In 1957 it was Mrs Vincenza Magnosi, born in 1920, that inherited the old Restaurant of Sora Gulia and turned it into a point of reference for the whole Esquilino neighborhood. Those who visit the historic centre of Rome must have passed at least once at the restaurant of via Galilei to enjoy some true and genuine Roman cuisine.


In the early '80s, Sora Vincenza decided to extend her menu offering the much-loved "pizza Roman style” to mark the restructuration of the restaurant. In 1983, the restaurant was officially renamed "Restaurant Pizzeria Galilei", as a sign of another debut. In fact, the Restaurant Pizzeria Galilei is one of the first restaurants in Rome that has promoted the sale of beer together with pizza. The successful combination of a good beer and a delicious pizza constituted a huge success for the Galilei Restaurant.


Since 2008 the work of Sora Vincenza has been pursued by her daughter Maria Theresa and her husband Robert. Today, Maria Teresa is the very soul of the restaurant. Incomparable cook and confectioner, she has added another touch of excellence to the already established culinary creations of Galilei.


(pagina Home) Among the daily specials, all of them homemade, you can find maltagliati (homemade pasta) with beans, pasta and chickpeas; pumpkin tortelloni (homemade pasta) with ricotta and spinach; eggplant parmigiana; tomatoes filled with rice and many other goodies. The deserts, also homemade, are a real culinary feast. Do not miss the tiramisu, the apple strudel, lemon cream and pine nuts pie, chocolate cake or the cheesecake with chocolate.



Translation: Franziska Pannhorst